Sunday, July 26, 2009

Beers Across America

Though I may be headed west to enter the wine business, I am no stranger to good beer. Having sampled brews from all over the world, I can say with confidence that American Craft brewers are truly the finest in the world. The US is in the midst of a renaissance in brewing, with numerous representations of fine brews scattered across each of the 50 states. As part of my great cross country adventure, I decided to sample and share the beer bounty as I cross the country. While transporting a six pack of my own home brew as gifts for my couch surfing hosts, I have also been picking up six packs to represent each of the states I pass through on my way west, passing samples out as I go. I will keep track of my tasting notes and post them to my drink rating blog Bo Brothers By the Bottle in a rare blogging cross over. Stay tuned for more ratings and reviews in the future.

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