Monday, July 27, 2009

Nice Tetons: A Drive through the Rockies and why America turns me on.

On the long haul between Denver and Salt Lake city along I-70, I realized two things:

1. How insignificant we all seem compared to the awe inspiring landscape we live in.
2. How incredibly in love I am with this hot, sexy, beautiful country of ours.

The mountain passes through the Rockies easily comprised some of the best driving I've ever experienced with cliffs rivers and mountain peaks that put the Alps' Bernina pass to shame. Everywhere along the way small clusters of civilization gripped the edge of the valley. Vineyards and cow pastures may have covered the walls in the Alps, but here it is clear that the mountains were still in control. Rocky outcroppings dwarfed the tractor trailers in front of me, giving a kind of immediacy to the warnings signs of "Falling Rocks" and "Avalanche". This is what the West is all about. The wide open sky and terrain mixed with the absolute power of the natural world to give a real visceral feel to opportunity and danger inherent in freedom. This really is a hot, sexy, beautiful country, but also a dangerous, crazy, and wild one. Whats not to love about that?

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